Triple Sugar Treat
Our  “Triple Sugar Threat” buffet is a customized desert menu that allows you to choose up to three buffet selections for one great price!
Sweet + Sweets + Sweeter = Sweetest
Any of the selection listed below qualifies for a Triple Sugar Threat buffet.​

Mini Cupcake Buffet   | Mini Donut Bar  |  Candy Buffet  |  S’mores Bar  |  Fruit Buffet  |  Fortune Cookie Bar  |

     Veggie Buffet   |   Mini Cupcakes  |  Sliced Apple and Caramel Bar  |  Popcorn Bar  |  Dipped Pretzels  |  Trail Mix Bar |

 Cereal Buffet  |  Mini Pancakes on a stick  |  Mini Waffles on a Stick  |  Tea Party Desserts  |  Tea Party Sandwiches |

    Dipped Marshmallows on a stick  |  Rice Krispy Treat Bar  |  Assorted Cookie Buffet  |  Chips & Salsa Bar |

    Dipped Strawberry Bar |

Book today and receive one of the following

6" naked cake

1 dozen dessert choice


Candy vase to keep